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Quick little mid-week addendum...

Hello Friends!

These two ladies are just so real. They love to sew and they design and they share. I had to blast this out to you.

Elements of the tutorial I love:

Mary Fons has designed a fabric line! 7 different, small scale design fabrics for 6 different countries: South America, USA, France, Netherlands and India. There is a fantastic video there, chronicling how Mary collaborated with the design team there to create her line.

Check it out at Springs Creative:

This video pairs Mary Fons with Jenny Doans of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny is the star of many, many, many how to, tutorial videos on youtube. Her spirit is fabulous. She's so much fun, and the two of them together are such a delight.

And I'll also include some pictures of a funny quilt I really love because it's the simplest setting of images of my Hudson Valle, incorporating photo printed blocks from Betty's photos on fabric - I met Betty in Santa Rosa a couple of years ago. Visit Betty at

See the difference? It needed "something." The navy strip in the middle of the border does it for me.

The photos really do print beautifully on an ink-jet printer! They sky's the limit for your vision. Here are some close-ups:

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