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What a DAY! Nature, Fish & Great Friends

I knew some of it was coming, and some of it was a completely delightful surprise! Beginning with the Cereus plant which bloomed in the wee hours of the morning, and, thanks to the nasty cat of the previous blog, who wanted to come in at 4 am, I saw it at it's peak!!

Cereus bloom 2017

This was exciting in and of itself. I caught a whiff of the nectar before it seems to have evaporated, and it was divine! This was the third bloom of this plant, so I am confident that it's happy. The nights are getting colder, so I will need to be vigilant about bringing it inside soon. The plant thrived outside for the summer, though. A great start to the day.

Some administrative housekeeping, I won't bore you with the details, except to say, I truly enjoy establishing an order to things. Putting things in their place, making things work. I dig that. Have to be in the mood, but it's not all chore.

I got to spend time with my friend Brian this afternoon, and then on to a great rehearsal with 4 of my favorite people, for a one act play to go on Sept 15 (2017). All very good.

Cocktail hour included a special Pinot Noir from my brother (to thank me for a sisterly act...), and a trip out to the barn to see if the cat wanted some dinner. She was not in residence. I expect I'll see her in the next day or two. She's a wild thing.

Enormous thanks to my friends Christine and Ray, who delivered a bag of peaches and pears to my front porch! I multi-tasked blanching peaches while changing the water in the fish tank! Doesn't sound sanitary, but it was, and with a little help from the men in the room, most of the water, from bottles, made it in the fish tank. The floor needed a swabbing anyway.

The fish are clean and the cobbler is baked!

What a DAY!

Oh! And Sewing?! Yes! I've been doing that too! Inspired by the 4 favorite people with whom I've been working on this play. Will show you next week, upon delivery. All is well.

Thanks for reading. Let me hear from you. What would you like to sew? xo, j

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