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It's been a while ~

Chris's drawstring backpack

Ever have one of those days that felt like you were walking through molasses, or treacle (for our British friends)? Of course you have. Does it make you mad? Or do you just go back to bed? I did a little of both of those remedies today. Honestly, the sewing room wasn't even calling me. I know it's bad when...

The truth is, I had a most expansive weekend. Really wonderful time, full of friends, old and new. Just the best time, exploring new outlets and expressions... (Why is this sounding slightly naughty? Must be me. No worries. Just keep reading please.)

See, I'd written a little one-act play. Never written anything like that before, and entered it into a local One-Act Play competition. All the real people connected with the voices in my head in the play agreed to do it! We memorized it. We rehearsed it. We brought it to life, and we won approval of a very warm audience who voted us on the the second round of judging! What a hoot! So much fun to experience collaboration with friends who are also in it for the fun of it. We had a great time with the process of discovery.

For Athena

So, today, I feel like the rubber band that has stretched and stretched and then been released back to neutral. Kind of limp. The good news is, I'm in a different place than I was before I started expanding. And next time, I'll be in a different place again. I think that's how we climb the imaginary ladder. One stretch at a time. Inch-worming our way through life. As long as we're happy along the way, we're on the right track.

What about all these bags, anyway? There was a week in the rehearsal process where we didn't get together. Everyone had other stuff going on, it was end of summer and vacations were wrapping up, etc. I became obsessed with making these bags for my collaborators. It was a rather furious flurry of sewing. Each one individually inspired. There is little I can think of that I find more satisfying and exhilarating than creating our of inspiration for someone. I love puzzles and each of these was a delightful puzzle to figure out. Sorry there are no pictures of the pieces and techniques used. I only have 2 hands. I'm lucky to have made myself pin them to the clothesline!

Andy's that he gave to his grand-daughter!

And the last is a messenger bag. The family picture is under the flap, as its own zippered pocket. I seem to have had a thing about raw edges with all of these bags. How to construct all the pieces without exposed raw edges? That's what kept me up at night. It was rather a frenzy.

For Liz

So in summation: I've missed sharing sewing tidbits and life with YOU, dear reader. If you have questions about any of these designs in particular, please feel free to make a comment or make contact. I'd be happy to walk you through what I did. Each one was its own improvisation, discovered as I went along, but I am able to relate the steps I took.

Until the spirit moves me to share the next great thing, be happy, and enjoy the stretch -- and the release. It's all good.

Feeling like a presser foot,


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