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I have never been so insulted in. my. LIFE!

One of these things is NOT like the other. One of these things is lucky to be alive!!!

I don't have the most acute sense of smell. I don't mind the smell of skunk. It rather reminds me of college, actually. You know, Heineken... I don't have a huge problem with manure, or other organic messes. I suppose I could draw a line at decomposing flesh, but that would mean I am totally normal and acceptable in the realm of human beings.

One odor I cannot abide, however, is cat urine. Ugh! The putrid, pungent, offensive, stinking CAT!!! She peed on my quilts!!! They were folded nicely on the chair in my room, awaiting the rainy day I was planning to clean out the linen closet and give them a nice safe home, AND SHE PEED ON THEM!!!

I am embarrassed, I am shocked. I am puzzled. What on earth was she thinking, the stinking kitty?! Was she showing me LOVE? Her hearty approval of my handiwork? What on earth were the synaptic connections being made as she relieved her bladder all over my quilts?!!!

My plan was to do laundry yesterday anyway. Let me add to my embarrassment by telling you that when I discovered the miscreancy, it was still moist. Ugh.

Call me Pollyanna, but I have to put a positive spin on this before the cat becomes dog food. The quilts laundered very nicely. Now they are soft and puffy, Loved, and quite lived in (on). Quilts are made to be used, to be loved, to go whithersoever thou goest... They smell of the great outdoors now, and have a new story to tell (or not tell).

Wouldn't think I'd be so eager to share this tale with you, but it goes to the art of creating. Nothing is ever lost. Everything simply evolves. Minute to minute we progress or we decrease. We don't ever stand still. We are never frozen in time. We are always making choices about going left, going right. Looking up, looking down. Turning outward, turning inward. Happy or sad. These are all choices we make, hundreds of times a day. This is our power. The power of the moment, to choose what makes us sing inside or growl. There are no wrong choices. The freeing thing is to know that we're always choosing, and we always have the power to make the choice that gives us the most pleasure. That, right there, will lead to "Happily every after."

Have a great week. Over and out. xo, j

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